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Thursday, 2 October 2014

What's that noise? It's your birthday...

Birthdays are all about having fun, a bit of a knees-up and a sing-song with friends, family - and the birthday cards.  The cards?  Has Kate gone mad? Cards can't sing, can they?  You bet they can and beautifully too. Let's meet Team-Noisy. 

Known in the music industry as "Mr Y-fronts" his operatic style is second to none.  So impressed were the critics that this musical pair were nominated for a TMF music award. Mr Y-Fronts told Kate:
"It's all happened very quickly.  One minute I was stuffed in the drawer with other pants and vests, and the next I had my own room with a flat screen telly, mini-bar and everything..." 

Click & listen to Mr. Y-Fronts sing

Popular with mums and cake fans all over the World this singing cupcake not only has a cheery country style, but plays banjo to a reasonable standard too.  Not just a pretty face, Kylie-Jo writes all her own material, looks fabulous and tastes yummy too.  

Kate asked Kylie-Jo what was the  highlight of your terrific year on the Country circuit.
"I can't believe I'm working on a new album with Kenny Rogers and will be touring the US in the spring, but my proudest moment?  It has to be Mary Berry mistaking me for a real cupcake and having to be physically restrained from tucking in by Paul Hollywood."

Click & make Kylie-Jo Cupcake sing her little heart out...

Surprise... Here's your gift, but sorry there's no present.  That's the gist of the song, but listen for yourself, it's quite hurtful the way this card rubs in the no gift thing. These cards are best sellers at Kate's, and it's true they're as good as a gift, but, to be honest, this ones down right insulting.   

Kate asked Mr Present how he got his wicked sense of humour?
"I've got a tremendous inferiority complex. I guess I've always wanted to be valued for what I am. I know I'm just a card, but I'm not just any old card, I'm more than that - I'm a damn good gift."

Click me and listen to the ranting Mr. Present...
After a spell as an extra in Get The Gringo starring Mel Gibson, Terry the Taco is currently working on a musical with friend and co-star Spag Bololni.  It's a big step from being the voice and face of novelty birthday cards to singing and dancing in a musical, so when did this dishy Mexican realise he wanted to sing?

"My Mother was a singer, she sang while she cooked and encouraged us to sing along with her.  As children growing up in Acapulco we communicated almost exclusively through song, which makes singing in a musical very easy for me. My big break came when Inventions, the novelty greeting card people, asked me to be the voice of one of their brilliant noisy cards.  Of course, I said yes and the rest is history..." 

Hungry? Click to tuck into a birthday Taco-song...

Beefy is not as daft as he looks. He knows there's no Ham in a Hamburger, but he has the wisdom to know that tradition means that no one can question the meaty contents of a burger anymore. Who'd have thought that this burger not only contains 100% beef, but a song too.

From very humble origins "Beefy" started out as one of the photographs in one of America's popular fast-food restaurants.  After thirty years tempting diners from Beijing to Bristol he realised that the image he was presenting to the World was no longer quite as appetising as the food on the plate and Beefy, like many other celebrities in the twilight of their careers, turned to voice-overs.  

So what does the future have in store for "Beefy"?
"Who knows, I'm forty six and my modelling career is over, but I have found that my voice sells, and particularly Noisy Cards. This week my agent had a call from Simon Cowell who heard the song in the card on YouTube and wanted to meet me. I'm auditioning for X-factor in the autumn."

He knows there's no ham in a hamburger, but boy can this guy sing...

So now you've met five of the Noisy Team and I think you'll agree they're a fun-packed bunch?  It's been so much fun showing you a bit more about the Noisy Card characters. If you enjoyed meeting the team you can keep in touch on Facebook & Twitter where you'll be able to find all about "Burnie" the Barbecue, Squave Lacie La Ve , Chirpy, Chirpy, Cheese and a whole lot more...

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Mr Present, Beefy, Kylie-Jo, Terry Taco & Mr.Y-Fronts, Spag Boloni 
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